Strategic Planning and Economic Development Consulting

Kevin Redl offers consulting and advisory services to small and medium sized businesses and local governments, specializing in strategic planning, succession planning, and economic development.


Armed with a BA in Commerce from SFU and extensive experience from working at Finning and Proctor & Gamble, Kevin used a collaborative approach and strong communication skills to transform a fledgling Fraser Valley forest products company, Anglo American Cedar Products, into an employee-owned success story.


In the early 1990s, Kevin served as a councillor, then mayor, of Mission, BC. Thanks to his ability to patiently analyze a situation to get to the heart of any problem, he led the transition of an entirely new council and senior management team through a challenging economic period. He also introduced a number of innovative programs that are still evident today, including British Columbia’s first curbside program for compostable household waste.


Kevin “retired” at age 39 to complete his MA in Economics at Simon Fraser University and to pursue his passion for world travel. A lifelong learner, Kevin is currently studying for a Certificate in Advanced Facilitation and Consultation at the Justice Institute of BC.  He is a member of the Association of Professional Economists of British Columbia.


Contact Information:

Kevin Redl MA (Econ)
Phone: 604.454.4236